An alleged murder at Wallingford turned out to be an archaeological relic

An alleged murder at Wallingford turned out to be an archaeological relic

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The discovery of a skeleton in the backyard of a house in Wallingford has indicated the hitherto unknown location of one of the oldest churches in the city.

Researchers moved to the house after the workers, in charge of doing the pertinent works to make a more ecological house, they will find the skeletal remains of an individual.

Mrs. Roberts, owner of the house, was not in the place when the workers were surprised, they were amazed by such a discovery and without knowing what it was about. they called the detectives. Ms. Roberts was shocked when she found that the police had been called, which could lead to a murder charge.

Once the detectives realized that it was about archaeological remains specialists in this field were called in to analyze it. Now the owner, instead of being scared, is excited because, after analyzing the skeleton, the exact situation of one of the oldest churches in the city.

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