Ancient Sarmatian treasures found in cemetery in Russia

Ancient Sarmatian treasures found in cemetery in Russia

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A team of archaeologists has found treasures in an intact chamber belonging to a noblewoman from a tribe that roamed the steppes of Eurasia 2,500 years ago south of Russia.

The Sarmatians They were a community related to the Persian-speaking tribes that populated present-day southern Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia from around 500 to 400 BC.

Ancient Greek historians made reference to this people in their writings, and we also know that they boasted luxurious tombs with bronze and gold objects. These have sometimes been exhumed by grave robbers.

However, the burial site near the town of Filippovka, in the Orenburg Region, was not lootedRather, it contains a large bronze chain, jewelry, a silver mirror and what appears to be cosmetic containers, as claimed by history professor Gaulnara Obydennova, who is in charge of the city's Institute of History and Legal Education. of Ufa. "The discovery is fantastic because the vault of this burial place remains intact, and the jewels are in the same place and way in which the ancient nomads deposited them”, Says the teacher.

This vault reaches four meters below the ground and was found in "Tsar Tumuls”, A group of mounds that, since the 1980s, has surprised archaeologists with hundreds of figures of animals such as deer and camels made of gold and silver, as well as vessels and weapons.

The woman skeleton He was still covered with jewelry and other decorative accessories, and his left hand held a silver mirror with a handle decorated with pieces of gold, Obydennova reported.

Among the descendants of the Sarmatians is the tribe of Ossetia, a group that populated the Caucasus region and that used a language close to Persian.

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