Archaeogenetics to study the migrations of prehistoric man to Europe

Archaeogenetics to study the migrations of prehistoric man to Europe

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Professor Richards of the University of Huddersfield has played a key role in answering one of the most important questions in human history: ¿Which route did humans take when they dispersed 60,000 years ago?

The teacher is a researcher pioneer in the field of archaeogenetics all over the world. His work consists of extract DNA evidence from humans to find out their origins, and compare them with modern samples all over the world. Sometimes DNA samples are also compared with those that can be obtained from ancient sources such as bone or fossilized remains. All of this facilitates the elaboration of a picture of migration patterns and the origins of civilization.

The article published in the scientific journal Plos One provides evidence to confirm that the first humans to migrate to Europe did so after the Last Glacial Maximum, but before the Neolithic, which gives us clear clues about the evolution of these humans.

Professor Richards spent ten years doing research at the University of Oxford before moving to the University of Huddersfield in 2000. Later, he moved to Leeds, where he was awarded for his teaching activity, before returning to Huddersfield, where he is currently dedicated to teaching. archaeogenetics infrastructure. His colleagues include Dr. María Pala, and Dr. Paul Brotherton and Martin Carr.

Postgraduates will be able to study archaeogenetics at the University of Huddersfield, in an attempt to expand this area of ​​research that aims to discover the history of human dispersal around the world.

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