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Front-line trenches were not dug in straight lines. Otherwise, if the enemy had a successive offensive, and got into your trenches, they could shoot straight along the line. The French tended to build zig-zag trenches. However, the British Army preferred a system where each trench was dug with alternate fire-bays and traverses. Fire-bays were straight sections of trench where the troops did their shooting. Each fire-bay was protected at the side by a barrier of earth and sandbags.

Fire Island

Fire Island is the large center island of the outer barrier islands parallel to the south shore of Long Island, New York. Occasionally, the name is used to refer collectively to not only the central island, but also Long Beach Barrier Island, Jones Beach Island, and Westhampton Island, since the straits which separate these islands are ephemeral. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy once again divided Fire Island into two islands. Together, these two islands are approximately 31 miles (50 km) long and vary between 520 and 1,310 feet (160 and 400 m) wide. Fire Island is part of Suffolk County. It lies within the towns of Babylon, Islip, and Brookhaven, containing two villages and a number of hamlets. All parts of the island not within village limits are part of the Fire Island census-designated place (CDP), which had a permanent population of 292 at the 2010 census, [1] though that expands to thousands of residents and tourists during the summer months.

The land area of Fire Island is 9.6 square miles (24.9 km 2 ). [2]

History Lyrics

I don&rsquot want more pain
I don&rsquot want no more drama
I don&rsquot want cry no more
I don&rsquot want fall no more
I&rsquom still standing my ground
With all these bumps around me
I don&rsquot want cry no more
I don&rsquot want fall no more

Me and you we gat history
When I&rsquom gone you go miss me
I been down for a long Iong time
I can&rsquot take it o no more time
Only thinking bout victory
Can&rsquot fuck with anything that&rsquos contradictory
Boy Cheque never satisfied
What is dead may never die

On top my case they carry antenna
They tie gele they tie bandana
They wanna lock me up turn me to Mandela
But I gety Baba God e be my man dem man
And I know, When I go
Give me the strength to conquer my foes
Give me the strength to stand on my toes
Cause I no fit do am on my own

Me and you we gat history
When I&rsquom gone you go miss me
I been down for a long long time
I can&rsquot take it o no more time
Only thinking bout victory
Can&rsquot fuck with anything that&rsquos contradictory
Boy Cheque never satisfied
What is dead may never die

I put my motor auto when I&rsquom driving
All these pot holes and it&rsquos swerving
Don&rsquot stress me o my G
I&rsquom flexing as you see
If you wanna do agbako, o ma tesi
All these fake love e Dey vex me
Don&rsquot love me , let me be
Tryna break me I&rsquom a beast , yeah yeah

Me and you we gat history
When I&rsquom gone you go miss me
I been down for a long long time
I can&rsquot take it o no more time
Only thinking bout victory
Can&rsquot fuck with anything that&rsquos contradictory
Boy Cheque never satisfied
What is dead may never die

Say nobody fit stop my shine
I no fit die cause it&rsquos not my time
Mehn I&rsquom on my grind
Say na only money Dey my mind
Say na only money Dey my mind oh oh
See I don&rsquot care about no enemies
They envy me they tryna gety me
But na only money Dey my mind
Say na only money Dey my mind

Me and you we gat history
When I&rsquom gone you go miss me
I been down for a long Iong time
I can&rsquot take it o no more time
Only thinking bout victory
Can&rsquot fuck with anything that&rsquos contradictory
Boy Cheque never satisfied
What is dead may never die

Cheque & Fireboy DML – History

PentHauze presents a new record titled ‘History’ by the label’s young star, Cheque featuring YBNL’s Fireboy DML.

Zoom crooner, Cheque and Headies Award Winning artiste, Fireboy DML team up to deliver HISTORY. This an inspirational song for every young aspiring youth out there, Produced by Andry.

Born Akanbi Bamidele Brett, Cheque was known as Kyle B until his signing to Penthauze Records in February 2019 where he has contributed to hits like ‘Nyem Space‘, as well as his acclaimed solo debut tracks on the label – ‘Jeka Soro’, ‘Pain Away’ and ‘Abundance’. Cheque is a super talented Nigerian singer, rapper and Chemical Engineering graduate that hails from Ondo State, Nigeria with music influences evidently from diverse genres of both local and international artists. He kick start 2020 with his first single – ‘SATISFIED‘, a syrupy and hit potential record released via Penthauze Records imprint. Produced by Masterkraft, the single ‘Satisfied’ sees Cheque in his glorious form as a versatile musician. He waxes lyrical about deserving satisfaction from the opposite gender, using his smooth delivery and catchy flow to great effect.

Superboy Cheque broke out with the mega hit song ZOOM which is off his 2020 debut EP Razor. On it the newcomer explore Afropop and Rap style with melodic flow. The Andry-produced song talks about moving away from bad energy, draining vibes, fake love (Hates) and rolling with the congratulating teams.

He kicks off 2021 with this new song ‘History’.. and with assist from Fireboy DML.

The Bay Area history of Corn Nuts, America's most controversial snack

Corn Nuts, the crunchy corn snack still found in convenience stores today, were created in 1936 in Oakland by Albert Holloway.

Photo illustration: SFGATE/ Kraft Heinz

If you bring up Corn Nuts in a conversation, most people will immediately bring up the salty snack&rsquos texture.

As my dad says, &ldquoCorn Nuts? Those will break your teeth.&rdquo

Some fear the drastic dental implications of their hearty crunch others crave it. Most associate Corn Nuts with road trip gas station stops or third-grade soccer practice. But what most don&rsquot know is that the polarizing snack originated right here in Oakland.

I stumbled across the Corn Nuts origin story while scrolling idly through a Bay Area history Facebook group. While Native Americans have been making parched corn for millennia, it was a man named Albert Holloway who is credited with creating the Corn Nuts business as we know it in 1936.

It all started in Bay Area taverns. Prohibition had just lifted, and pubgoers needed something salty to snack on while they downed their pints. A man named Olin Huntington created a toasted corn product called Brown Jug and sold it to bars, which handed it out to patrons for free. The toasted corn was legendarily so popular, especially with children, that kids were often caught dashing into taverns to grab handfuls.

But shortly thereafter, California passed a law making it illegal to give away food at bars, spelling disaster for Brown Jug&rsquos business model. Huntington, admitting defeat, sold the company to Holloway, an enterprising early investor who had his own ideas for the future of toasted corn.

In a small storefront in downtown Oakland, Holloway got to work washing and cooking corn. He packaged the snack into 1-ounce bags, which he sold to schools and stores across the Bay Area for five cents. Quickly, the snack became a hit. But one thing wasn&rsquot quite right: the name.

Soon after taking over, Albert changed the name to Corn Nuts &mdash inspired, in legend, by overhearing a comment from a cranky tavern patron complaining, &ldquoWhy don&rsquot they have any more of those corn-nut things in this joint?"

In 1957, left to right, Ken Fish, Ted Stensig, Albert Holloway, Mort Duck, Jim Bible and Maurice Holloway are photographed at the Corn Nuts plant on Pearmain Street in Oakland.

Photo illustration: SFGATE/ Kraft Heinz

There&rsquos only so much one can find out about Corn Nuts from the internet, so I reached out to the Kraft Heinz Company for an interview. Kraft Heinz acquired Corn Nuts in 2015 after a merger with Nabisco Holdings, which purchased Corn Nuts from the Holloway family back in 1997 (while originally stylized &ldquoCornnuts&rdquo or &ldquoCornNuts,&rdquo under Kraft Heinz the name is now stylized &ldquoCorn Nuts"). Kraft Heinz, however, would not give me an interview. So I set about tracking down the Holloways.

Albert Holloway&rsquos two sons, Maurice and Rich, took over the Corn Nuts company in 1959. Maurice died in 2017, and I couldn&rsquot find a way to contact Rich, so I reached out to Annette Holloway, one of Maurice&rsquos children. Naturally, I asked her if she ate a lot of Corn Nuts growing up in San Francisco.

&ldquoWe always had some around the house,&rdquo she recalled. &ldquoWe would always give them out at Halloween.&rdquo

Corn Nuts is no longer owned by the Holloway family, and Annette has never worked in the snack food business (she&rsquos a psychologist), but she&rsquos well-versed in the family lore.

&ldquoMy grandfather was quite a character,&rdquo she told me. &ldquo. His father was an evangelical Christian preacher, and a &lsquospare the rod, spoil the child&rsquo kind of guy, and so my grandfather ran away when he was quite young &mdash 11 or 12, something like that &mdash and shipped out as a cabin boy on a banana boat. And he was shipwrecked on some Caribbean island.&rdquo

This also sounded too wild to be true, but sure enough, an old Corn Nuts pamphlet from 1986 corroborated everything she said.

After being stranded on the island for six months, Albert finally got picked up by a passing ship, and returned home to his family in Cincinnati, the pamphlet said. But shortly after, he ran away again &mdash this time, to go be a cowboy on his older brother&rsquos horse ranch in western Nebraska.

Eventually, Albert ended up in California, where he began training horses for officers on the post at the Presidio in Monterey. But in 1935, a fire at the Oakland Auditorium brought his equestrian career to a devastating end.

&ldquoThere was a horrible barn fire, and all the horses died,&rdquo said Annette. &ldquoHe closed up his stable. It sort of broke his heart.&rdquo

But next, of course, came Corn Nuts.

In the late 1940s, left to right, Richard, Albert and Maurice Holloway pose on Easter Sunday.

Courtesy of Annette Holloway

The toasted corn snack&rsquos catchier new name was officially trademarked in 1949, just after Albert opened a brand new processing plant at 10229 Pearmain St. in East Oakland.

&ldquoThe smell would be in the entire immediate area,&rdquo recalled Michael Landry, a former resident of the neighborhood who I found in the aforementioned Bay Area history Facebook group. &ldquoIt was sort of a roasted nut smell. That's the best description I personally can think of. It was a strong smell at times, but never overwhelming and at times rather pleasant.&rdquo

While the company had achieved modest success with its original product, Albert wasn&rsquot satisfied. One morning in 1938, he was reading the funnies in the Oakland Tribune when a Ripley&rsquos Believe It or Not-style cartoon about a gigantic breed of corn caught his eye. Grown exclusively in Cusco, Peru, the kernels were as big as a thumbnail. Albert&rsquos imagination ran wild: What if Corn Nuts were giant?

Albert attempted to import Cuzco corn from Peru, but unfortunately, his timing collided with the start of World War II. His hopes of giant Corn Nuts were dashed &mdash Peru cut off all exports.

After the war, however, importing Cuzco corn was back on the table. Corn Nuts took the leap, launching a new king-sized variety for adults. Supply was still limited, though, so Albert began attempting to grow Peruvian corn in the United States. This was a far more difficult task than he first anticipated: without Peru&rsquos high altitude and consistent year-round temperatures, growing the corn was impossible, according to the 2005 book &ldquoThe Greatest Thing Since Sliced Cheese.&rdquo

Undeterred, Albert began working with engineers to crossbreed a hybrid Peruvian and domestic corn variety that would grow in the U.S. When Albert&rsquos sons took over Corn Nuts, Maurice established an in-house research and development staff to develop hybrids, and Rich oversaw the company&rsquos agricultural operations in California. By 1965, they&rsquod done it: Corn Nuts planted its first hybrid corn crop in Salinas Valley.

Today, Corn Nuts aren&rsquot as comically large anymore. While the product&rsquos unique size had once been its selling point, eventually, the company realized that to expand its scope beyond a regional West Coast snack, they had to figure out how to make Corn Nuts softer (yes, they really used to be crunchier).

As a byproduct, the kernels got smaller &mdash which it turns out people were okay with if it meant not cracking a molar.

In the year 2021, you might expect Corn Nuts to have a snarky social media presence spearheaded by some wisecracking 20-year-old intern. When I first looked them up on Twitter, my expectations were immediately rewarded: the brand&rsquos pinned tweet was the word &ldquoNUT&rdquo spelled out in huge block letters with peanut emojis. It had 76,300 retweets.

Scrolling down further, I was delighted to find more gems:

&ldquoYea sorry I didn&rsquot respond for a month I was being corn,&rdquo tweeted Corn Nuts last June.

&ldquoit&rsquos always &lsquowyd&rsquo never &lsquoI filled the bathtub with nuts,&rsquo&rdquo tweeted Corn Nuts in May 2020.

But upon further investigation, I realized the account hadn&rsquot tweeted at all since November 2020. So I asked Kraft Heinz what happened. Had the social media manager fallen into a tub of Corn Nuts?

&ldquoWith regard to our social channels, we&rsquove been taking a step back to reevaluate the marketing strategy for Corn Nuts snacks,&rdquo associate director of marketing Patrick Horbas told me via email.

Cheque Ft FireBoy DML – History

To make the new Nigeria song interesting and spicey, the leading act employed the vocals of his childhood friend and YBNL Nation leading singer, songwriter and afro-beats/RnB sensational, FireBoy DML whose verse and flows in this new Naija song are very catchy and mind-blowing.

The YBNL Nation award-winning singer and songwriter, Adedamola Adefolahan, known professionally as FireBoy DML, was last heard in his previous contribution to Prominent Nigerian Disk Jockey, Dj Spinall 2020 hit collaboration “Sere”.

Furthermore, the latest song “History” by Superboy Cheque and FireBoy DML, is an inspirational song which describes the story of how the 2 artists grew from the grass the grace and the difficulties of making it, the song tells the story of “Never Give Up On Your Dreams”.

Lastly, the trending new beats “History” now serves as the multi-talented Penthauze Records singer and songwriter, Akanbi Bamidele Brett Professionally known by his stage name Superboy Cheque, the first single of the new year, coming after he served an amazing verse to Payper Corleone’s hit collaboration “Drip”.

Meet the characters

Fireboy is a male character of the series. He can collect red diamonds and safely cross the fire lakes. Water lakes and green moods are deadly for him. He's slightly stronger than Watergirl, as you'll see in the Ice Temple, where the characters will have to face the icy and snow-covered chambers.

Watergirl is a female character, and of course, she's most often chosen by female players. She can collect blue diamonds and safely cross the water lakes. Unlike Fireboy, Watergirl has to avoid fire lakes. The green mood is also dangerous for her. She isn't as strong as Fireboy, but it is very agile.

Fireboy DML: Basic Facts You Need To Know

Below are some basic facts about YBNL star – Fireboy DML.

  • Real Names – Adedamola Adefolahan
  • Age (2021) – 24 Years
  • Date Of Birth – 5th Of February, 1996
  • State Of Origin – Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Nationality – Nigerian
  • Occupation – Musician, songwriter, Afro-pop singer
  • Record Label(s) – YBNL
  • Networth – Unavailable

New Music: Fireboy DML feat. Cheque – History

Cheque’s first official single for 2021, “History,” is produced by Andyr and serves as a follow-up to his critically praised body of work, the “Razor” EP.

Listen to the new track below:

New Video: Abiodun Olapraise – Ma Beru (Fear Not)

New Music: Cheubeatz – Allow Me

Living & Celebrating the African Dream! Catch all the Scoop on Follow us Twitter: @bellanaija Facebook: @bellanaija Instagram: @bellanaijaonline

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VIDEO: Cheque ft Fireboy – History

Don’t miss this brand-new music video coming from Cheque ft Fireboy – History Out Now!

Penthauze music rave of the moment, Cheque comes through with the official music visual of his latest song “History” featuring Fireboy.

The song which was released earlier this month is still hitting hard on the streets as both music acts deployed their best talents into making the piece epic.

The song talks about the history the singer has with a certain love interest of his and how he’s going to be missed when he’s gone. He talks about victory and how it’s his major focus at the moment.

The video is shot on an outdoor setting in Lagos, featuring some cool and mild violent scene. Its a visual you don’t want to be told about.

It was directed by cinematographer, TG Omori while the song was produced by Andyr.

Watch and enjoy Cheque ft Fireboy – History video below.

Watch the video: VW CBcustomswork - The dream bus


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